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Adapter Reaction Tubes

Selling cheap adapter test tubes

Test tubes are designed with a transparent color and are generally equipped with a volume size on the outside. In general, test tubes are used for research and experimental processes. This product is used as a container for chemicals or other liquids that have been accurately measured to get the right concentration. Test tubes have various types, one of which is an adapter. This adapter is a glass pipe that has various branch models that can be used to unite two or more different chemicals into one.
Test tube adapter types:
  - Multiple adapters
  - Adapter Reduction
  - Expansion adapter

We provide various models of test tubes and adapters that can be used for various laboratory needs. Our products already have quality standards that are safe to use. Glass material was chosen as a production material, because glass has the characteristic of not reacting to chemicals and high temperatures. Test tube prices vary depending on type and size.
Find various models of adapter test tubes and laboratory equipment only in our laboratory equipment store for superior products with classy quality.
Please contact us for detailed information.
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