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Liquid Transfer Pump

Selling liquid transfer pump | cheap chemical pumps

 Liquid transfer pump is a manual pump that is widely used for laboratory and pharmaceutical needs. Liquid transfer pump is used to pump chemical liquids in small intensities. This product is operated manually using human labor. Liquid transfer pump has a variety of types and models, including:
   - Container Pump
   - Foot Pump
   - Dosing Pump
   - Hand Pump

Liquid transfer pump prices vary depending on the model and size. Liquid transfer pump is designed with a mechanical system that is easy and simple, so that its use is also easy.
Find a variety of quality liquid transfer pump models with the most complete selection and lowest prices only in our laboratory equipment store to get superior products that can certainly be used for a long lifetime.
Please contact us for detailed information, or make a request for a quote to discuss the price with us.
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