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Magnetic Field Meter

Selling magnetic field meters at cheap prices

Magnetic field meter is an electromagnetic field measuring device that has a fairly low intensity. Magnetic field meters are also known as radiation measuring devices, which serve to determine the safe point and whether or not an area with radiation exposure that may be harmful to humans. This product is designed with a DC / AC power system that is portable and can be carried anywhere. Designed with an LED display that makes reading easy so that accurate results are obtained. Magnetic field meters play an important role in measuring electromagnetic waves for certain purposes. With a large enough data logging, which is 6000 data storage, this product can be used for various radiation wave measurement activities, without the need to convert to other media.

Discover the various needs and specifications of magnetic field meters only to us for products of high quality. We sell radiation measuring devices with the most complete choice and the lowest price. Our products are manufacturers of well-known brands namely Tenmars. Tenmars is experienced in designing and developing measuring devices with various features and advantages, one of these products is radiation measuring devices such as magnetic field meters.
Please contact us for detailed information and make a request for a quote to discuss the price with us.
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