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Dosing Pump

Selling cheap dosing pump

Dosing pump is a chemical pump that is widely used for pharmaceutical and laboratory needs. This pump is specifically designed to inject chemicals in a measurable and accurate and safe way for a variety of applications. The dosing pump is equipped with a liquid discharge regulator that is released so that the mixing of the material with the solvent can be accurately measured. Generally, the use of pumps that can be found in stores selling dosing pumps is for the chemical industry, the food industry, semiconductor processes, film and photographic production, water treatment facilities and chemical boilers.

We sell quality manufacturer of dosing pumps Burkle. Burkle products have passed the testing standards so that they are suitable for various needs. Burkle is experienced in designing and developing liquid transfer pumps, one of which is the dosing pump.
Find a variety of quality liquid pump needs only at our laboratory equipment store. We provide quality products with the most complete choice and lowest prices.
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